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Virtual Launchpad

A one day project, creating a small Javascript launchpad. Because if you can't afford it, why not developing it ? You can try it here.

Small note about how to use it

Because of security issues, your browser won't allow the virtual launchpad to access your local files, unless you download it's source and execute it from your computer.

The easiest alternative in this case is, to upload your audio files to a hosting service (like Dropbox or Google Drive) and copy/paste the download URL of your files.

Another one is to use URL of files that already are online. For instance, copy the URL of any sound on universal soundbank paste it in the virtual launchpad.

Virtual launchpad snapshot

Virtual launchpad snapshot


This project has a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license so that people can contribute to it. Don't hesitate to download it's source, and modify it. If you do, feel free to contact me and show me what you've done with it !

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