Matthew Jorissen

Designing interaction


"Pizza" photo set "Pizza" photo set


Photo set created at the ERACOM during the photography course of Olga Cafiero. The subject was "Flowers in all their forms". Inspired by the work of Erwan Frotin.

"The Double" opening credits "The Double" opening credits

"The Double" opening credits

Fictional alternative opening credits of the movie "The Double" by Richard Ayoade. This was created during the course given by Simon de Diesbach at the ERACOM.

3D architecture 3D architecture

3D architecture

3D modeling and texturing of a house and it's surroundings, based on a blueprint. Created on Cinema 4D during the 3D course of Gregorio Soumas at the ERACOM.

Thin Cities Thin Cities

Thin Cities

Stopmotion created in collaboration with Magali and Marie. This is based on the chapter "Thin Cities" from the novel "Invisible Cities" by Italo Calvino. The project was made during the courses given by Simon de Diesbach and Stefano Boroni at the ERACOM.

(CH)ILD project (CH)ILD project

(CH)ILD project

I have been contacted by one of my former teachers, to take part in one of his projects. I had 3 days to make an animation prototype based on his storyboard, aimed to the potential producers of the project. The project is still ongoing, and my role is now to design and develop the website of the project. You can learn more on this project here.

Flightsharing homepage Flightsharing homepage


The concept behind Flightsharing was the same that is behind any carpooling website : sharing the travel costs by sharing your car. There's only one difference, Flightsharing is not for sharing your car, but for sharing your plane.

Virtual launchpad snapshot Virtual launchpad snapshot

Virtual Launchpad

A one day project, creating a small Javascript launchpad. Because if you can't afford it, why not developing it ? You can try it here.


I started being interested about multimedia and IT when I was about 11. I quickly developed programming skills by myself, first in HTML and CSS, then in PHP, Javascript and Python.

I also learned how to use tools developed by Adobe, aka the Creative Suite, including After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, InDesign and Audition.

But my knowledge doesn't stop there, so here is my resume !

My aim is to lead our project to it’s goal. Video, design, web, and much more. Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


Matthew Jorissen
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